What is a Vulnerability Assessment and why would you need one?

August 10, 2020

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) the vulnerabilities in a system. This can include a physical network, app, website, or any type of system that is prone to cyberattacks. It’s usually the first step in a cybersecurity engagement as it outlines and organizes the following:

  • Policy Review: We start by reviewing any policies in place and document any that are missing and need to be created.
  • Device Inventory: We work with you to create list of all devices on your network that need to be secured, patched and monitored.
  • External Security Scan: Our talented team of cybersecurity experts performs an external scan on your network to determine if there are any major issues or misconfigurations that need to be fixed.
  • Internal Security Scan: Similar to the external scan this is an internal scan our team performs on your network and devices to uncover any security issues, patches needed, outdated systems, etc. and provides a plan to remediate the issues.
  • Monthly Scanning: If you’d like, our team can setup a scanning system on your network to provide your IT team with monthly reports on vulnerabilities, patches needed, etc.
  • Final Report: Upon completion our team puts together a final Vulnerability Assessment Report that outlines, organizes, explains and gives suggestions for the above items. This is delivered to you for your IT team to work off of and remediate the issues in the report.

If you’re currently operating without a cybersecurity plan in place get in touch today before it’s too late and your data and systems are compromised.