About Us


Our History

Mule Force, as part of Yelling Mule & Mule Media, has been serving the area now for over four years. We pride ourselves on being able to produce great deliverables to clients all across the New England region and beyond.

See below for the history of our company:

October 2020

Mule Force Portal goes live offering real time scan results, vulnerability alerts, policy storage and much more.

August 2020

Mule Force launches it's new website with full list of service offerings, resources and company details

March 2020

Mule Force expands it's offerings to include policy creation and vulnerability assessment.

January 2020

Mule Force begins to offer Penetration Testing as one of it's main service offerings.

February 25, 2019

Mule Force is launched as a standalone company in Mule Group alongside Yelling Mule and Mule Media.

July 2017

Yelling Mule (Mule Force's sister company) starts offering cybersecurity for websites.