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About Mule Force

Mule Force is a cybersecurity company based in Boston, MA that specializes in securing business networks, websites and devices. The company was founded by James Shiner, CEO & Founder of Yelling Mule, Boston's #1 web design & development firm. Our employees hold numerous top cybersecurity certifications and hold graduate degrees in the field of Information Technology and cybersecurity.

We proudly serve not only Boston, but the surrounding New England region as well - including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Our Core Values


From your first request for a quote to the day we kick off your engagements, our unique process ensures complete transparency throughout the entire project. Our proposals are very easy to understand, have no hidden costs and we make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting. This extends to the onboarding and setup phase. We ensure the process is smooth and concise.


To ensure we stay true to 100% transparency our online project management tool allows you to see the breakdown of your project in easy to understand chunks. Your account manager will walk you through what we need from you, when we need it, what we’re working on and when each milestone will be completed. These milestones are clearly outlined with due dates, who on our team is working on it, and what the current status is.


Our team delivers easy to digest results for any person whether you are involved in IT or with no background in IT. However, this is only part of the overall goal. This is why we always start new engagements with questions such as “What is your security goal for this engagement?”

We put tools in place to track these results and work with you to determine your goals so that we can generate easy to understand reports and make tweaks as needed so your engagements are always delivering optimal results.


From day one our goal is to establish a great relationship with our clients, which you’ll likely notice when your request for a quote gets a reply almost instantly. This relationship is strengthened throughout the project by our three other pillars; transparency, communication, and results.

What makes us truly unique is that this relationship extends well beyond security with our other offerings such as maintenance services, custom web design & development, media offerings, and digital marketing. Having been in business since 1999 some of our clients have been with us for over 10 years and we’d love to add you to that list.