Ransomware Protection Package

Protect Yourself Against Ransomware Attacks

All you hear about in the news lately is ransomware attacks taking down companies and costing them millions. Although this is an increasing threat to companies it's far from a new one. The most recent attacks were very public due to the size of the company and the impact it had on customers. The scary truth is there are hundreds if not thousands of other attacks every day that don't make the news. Even worse 80% of companies who paid the ransom to get their systems back online were attacked again.

Our Ransomware Protection Package combines our most popular services into a single package that focuses specifically on preventing ransomware attacks. There isn't a silver bullet to preventing ransomware, it takes a concerted effort between employees, managers, IT and a cybersecurity company like Mule Force to ensure all systems are secured properly and all staff members are trained correctly.

System Backups

Employee Training

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Patching

Cloud Security

Policies & Procedures

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