Our Products

October 12, 2021

At Mule Force we offer valuable products to help our clients protect themselves from cyber attacks. Our Mule Force Portal is a secure online portal designed to assist you with all of your cybersecurity needs. Our user friendly dashboard gives you a quick glimpse at your website security, penetration test results and upcoming tests/events. In addition to the dashboard, the Mule Force cloud based storage enables clients to easily access policies, scan results and reports.  

We also offer products to protect you from ransomware attacks. This kind of attack has increased in popularity over the recent years, so our ransomware protection package is a must. This package combines our most effective services in one package with its main focus on preventing ransomware attacks. Services featured in this package include: 

  • Systems Backups 
  • Employee Training 
  • Penetration Testing 
  • Vulnerability Patching 
  • Could Security 
  • Policies & Procedures 

Last but not least, we also offer The Mule Force WordPress Plugin. This plugin secures your WordPress website in non traditional ways, making it more difficult for hackers to gain access. One key way is that it changes the way you are notified if your login information was entered incorrectly. Our plugin changes this message so hackers can’t use it to guess your username. By changing the message when the username is correct this gives potential hackers 50% of the information they need to hack your site.