Mule Force’s 2nd Anniversary

February 25, 2021

On our 2nd anniversary we wanted to thank everyone for the continued support of our cybersecurity division.

With increases in remote work like we’ve never seen this past year 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks, 62% experienced phishing & social engineering attacks and small organizations (those with fewer than 500 employees) spend an average of $7.68 million per incident.

Our founder and CEO, James Shiner, said:

“We’re excited to be celebrating our second year as a standalone company in the Mule Group family. We’ve seen tremendous growth these past two years and it’s all thanks to our amazing clients, some of which date back to before Mule Force existed and are part of the Yelling Mule family. It is and always has been our goal to provide cybersecurity to companies with services that are easy to understand and provide maximum protection to websites, physical office networks and especially in 2020 remote working environments. From a business standpoint the growth in the market is great, but the fact that it’s expected to grow by over 40% in the next two years means it’s more important than ever to make sure your company is protected.”