Cybersecurity Assessment

Answer the questions below to receive your cybersecurity readiness score as well as tips to better secure your business. If you’re unsure of an answer simply choose “I don’t know” and be sure to get the answer later from your IT team.

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Do you have a Written Information Security Program (WISP) in place?*
Do you have an Incident Response Policy in place?*
Do you have a Disaster Recovery Policy in place?*
Do you have an External Vendor Risk Management Policy in place?*
Do you have cybersecurity guidelines / training for employees?*
Do you have a reliable backup system for all company data?*
Do you use a password management tool?*
Do you have an inventory of all devices on your network?*
Have you ever had a vulnerability assessment?*
Do you have a penetration test performed at least once a year?*
Have you had a cloud security audit?*
Do you have an IT team or company that manages your devices and network?*
Do you have a process for ensuring all device systems are patched and updated?*
Do you store sensitive data such as healthcare information, financial information, etc?*
Does your website have proper cybersecurity systems? (Malware protection, backups, etc)*